CID International

As required by the building code the CID system provides a robust and transparent identification system of tested and proven solutions.

The system can be utilised to identify any component required to maintain integrity, be it a specified valve, fire penetration, brace system, fire door or insulation system. Designers & Engineers are assured of meeting all requirements by specifying CID as the vehicle requiring competency in selection and installation. Certifying authorities have access to all data which includes products used, location, and installer details. Open access is maintained to enable all interested parties to access all information at any time. All information can be printed in certificate or list form. Contracting installers are provided with a source of printable information to support claims for work completed.

Certified Identification System

Any manufacturer or supplier of products or systems used in the construction, manufacturing, marine, aviation, utility or processing industries can utilise the Certified Identification System.

The manufacturer supplies their competent installer with labelling required and access to the CID International database to load the required information. Once this data is loaded the information is available to all visitors to


CID was born from the frustration of manufacturers, specifiers, certifiers and inspectors being unable to be sure that products were installed correctly by competent people. CID International Ltd developed this method of identifying each and every installation and at the same time giving the manufactures the ability to certify only the installers of their choice. In other words the manufacturer can choose which installation they will certify..